Chris Innanen

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Columbia, MD 21044

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I am searching for a solid, professional company where challenging, cutting-edge, full-lifecycle projects are the norm and creativity and innovation are their employee's path to success. I look for opportunities to put my originality, creativity, and hunger for new technology and techniques to work. With my diverse experience–from top-rated 3D games to military and security projects, from embedded software development to GUI design–I bring with me a wide range of knowledge and expertise and a willingness to expand my professional horizons even further.


Software Engineer

Bruhn NewTech Inc.

Columbia, MD — 2010-2012

Developed Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) hazard warning, prediction, and reporting software applications using Visual Studio C++ and corporate development environment tools; integrated sensors and instruments with existing software; redesigned MFC plugins to existing corporate software using SOAP internet communication; created XML-based COM API plugin for external calculation integration with existing customer systems using a custom XSD based off of international CBRN standards (ATP-45, APP-11); wrote and used module-level automated test cases for new and existing components; assisted in testing of other in-house development projects; developed in-house IDE and testing automation software to speed building, data verification, and data conversion tasks such as re-displaying custom GIS data in Google Earth; coordinated with overseas partners on software planning and development, both remotely and in person. Secret clearance.

Software Engineer

STS International, Inc.

Falls Church, VA — 2006-2010

Solely responsible for security software display using OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph to represent real-time event data from radar, sonar, video, and motion detection sources in a 3D model of a secured region built from GIS terrain and bathymetric data, supplemented with XML-driven building and detail models; solely responsible for the design and implementation of a networked 3D simulation for battlefield medicine training/testing using Gamebryo 3D, which included 3D scene layout and manipulation, graphical user interface, input systems, animation control, dynamic model controls, asset management, event handling, networking and communication protocols, XML messaging and layout encoding, sounds, in-game editing tools, multiple scenario designs, and management of contract artists; designed the associated remote scenario management software; wrote simulation, DVD backup, configuration tools, and in-house testing software; worked on a software security system, including networked PTZ and camera controls (visible and IR), event handling, remote services, video and associated codecs, and user interfaces. Used Visual Studio C++, OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, Gamebryo 3D, Adobe Photoshop, ClearCase, XML, as well as GIS and other tools, on Windows XP and CE. Secret clearance.

Software Engineer

Zenimax Media Inc. - Bethesda Game Studios

Rockville, MD — 2000-2006

Created custom graphical user interface for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Game of the Year 2002) computer game for Xbox and PC; designed and implemented a more advanced GUI system for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game of the Year 2006) for PC and Xbox 360 using custom XML-based functionality and layout descriptions allowing for end-user modification of the GUI; updated and improved the XML GUI system for use in Fallout 3 (Game of the Year 2008) on PC and Xbox 360; designed code, art, and interface layout for all three games and additional expansions.

Software Engineer

Interface & Control Systems

[Now: SRA International, Inc.]

Columbia, Md — 1996-2000

Participated in the development a real-time tactical communications system, Joint Combat Information Terminal (JCIT), a software-controlled and configured multi-mode radio with information security and message processing capabilities to support a field commander, using Clearcase for configuration management and the VxWorks operating system with embedded software running on a custom, modular, multi-processor platform; was responsible for task management, memory allocation, a scriptable state machine and data flow router, various audio and data converters, and communications security; coded to military specifications and tested for compatibility to existing hardware radios. Early in the development cycle, authored stopgap infrastructure and resource server systems that were critical to meeting early project milestones for the development and testing of JCIT that would otherwise have slipped without this capability. Responsible for simulating realistic combat messages (USMTF, AFAPD, and VMF) for ingestion by the Army Airborne Command and Control System (A2C2S) prototype, utilizing an industry standard simulation tool, ModSAF (Modular Semi-Automated Forces), to extract and re-format realistic simulated event data. Top Secret COMSEC clearance.

Librarian / Part-Time Programmer

Johns Hopkins University

Applied Physics Laboratory

Laurel, MD — 1989-1996

Fleet Systems Department (FSD): Distributed network application front-end display system to a prototype Tomahawk missile simulation. Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Spacecraft for the JHU/APL Space Department (SD): Responsible for correct and accurate formatting and monitoring of NEAR's command and telemetry database. Director's Office (CLO): Developed a prototype language evaluation multimedia test for foreign language students. Fleet Systems Department (FSD): Distributed network time-management application using SQL and Hypercard. Nighttime technical librarian (primary position): Automated transition of book and activity records between the new and legacy library database systems; performed regular legacy library database backups to reel-to-reel magnetic tape media; assisted patrons; ran circulation desk; shelved books.


Howard County Community College

Computer Science Associate Degree



C / C++

Revolution (Prototyping, In-House Tools, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Win Mobile)

Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Forth, Java

UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting

Miscellaneous Additional Computer and Scripting Languages



JavaScript / Perl / Python / PHP

CVS, ClearCase, SourceSafe, Perforce



Unix / Linux / BSD

Mac OS



Microsoft Visual Studio

gcc, make, cmake

PhotoShop, After Effects, Adobe CS

Microsoft Office, Visio

Xbox, Xbox 360

NDL Gamebryo

OpenGL, GLSL, OpenSceneGraph

Facegen - Singular Inversions

Havok Physics Simulation

ModSAF - Modular Semi-Automated Forces

Network Engineering



Joshua M. Rohrback
Engineering Manager
Bruhn NewTech, Inc.

Christopher C. Capano
Senior Software Engineer
Bruhn NewTech, Inc.
410-884-1700 x27

Paul Warner
Software Project Manager
STS International, Inc.