Pool Party!
"Dance where?!"

Here is another story about the waste that frequently went on during the war. It ends with the statement that Dad made in many of his sories. As told to me (WGI) on 13 January 1996. I have done some editing and rearranging, to improve the readability and keep things in sequence. - WGI
WOI:  One time I got an order, when I was in Shop 08, to glue
      down some masonite in the bottom of a swimming pool.  They
      were going to drain the swimming pool, and I would have
      to glue some masonite to a tile floor that was in the
      bottom of the pool.

      They were going to hold a *dance* in the swimming pool!

      All materials were rationed and you couldn't get anything.
      You couldn't get any building materials at all.  And here
      was hundreds of feet of masonite that they wanted to glue
      down for a dance floor.  In the bottom of the swimming

      Well, I refused to do it!  I just absolutely refused to
      do it.  I got accused of disobeying orders, and everything
      else.  I said, "If anybody wants to glue masonite down
      in the bottom of that pool, have at it!  I'm not going
      to do it."

      They did it.  
      [But] they forgot to think of the fact that there would
      be no air conditioning down there, the breeze couldn't
      get to them.  And they about sweltered!

Both: <laughter>

WOI:  ...in the bottom of this pool!

WGI:  Served them right!

WOI:  <laughter> Yeah!  Served 'em right!  Dancing on this
      masonite that was glued to the bottom of the swimming

      Well, it was flop, of course.  It didn't pan out.  
      Come to clean up the damned mess, they called us to clean
      up the mess!  We scrubbed for a couple of weeks on the
      bottom of that pool, getting the glue off of that ceramic
      tile that was at the bottom of that pool.

      It's a damned wonder we ever won the war!  
Copyright (c) 1996 by William G. Innanen. All rights reserved.
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